Theory: safe behavior around horses, horse behavior and psychology
Practice: оhow to build communication with horse - basic skills; how to proper saddle, bridle a horse; building balance and a stable independent seat on the horse; basic horse management skills
Lessons take place both in the arena and during riding in nature, where the student and the instructor ride side by side. The instructor leads the other horse on a rope.


It is conducted with an instructor (in a group or individually). The riding is on different routes, providing a variety of terrain - meadows, forests, ravines, rivers and dirt roads.
The participants are required to master at least two gates - walk and trot, skills of independent control of the horse (starting, stopping and turning). Experience riding in nature is not required.

Horse riding tours:
1 – daily horse ride to the villages of Sturgel, Gorno Kamartsi, Bailovo.
The ride: 4-5 hours
Routes: pleasant and easy, also accessible to less experienced riders.

During the day we will have lunch together in the meadow or in a village pub.

2 – day  horse riding :  Makotsevo - Smolsko - Makotsevo
Riding: 5-6 hours/day
Route: the village of Smolsko is very picturesque and has old Renaissance architecture. In the upper hamlet, the houses are striking with their similarity to the Koprivshtensky ones. Dozens of fountains are scattered along the paved streets of the village, which gives it a unique appearance. This route offers a real challenge. The riding is extremely varied, on wild and impassable trails, mountain meadows, riverbeds and forest roads.
Accommodation: a hundred-year-old house with an attic and a veranda (in single and double rooms) where we will spend a cheerful evening full of stories about the day. The next day we will ride horses back to Makotsevo.