The Horseman Ranch is the Place for those of you, who want to spend time in active and non-standard way. You will find us in small and nice village – MAKOTSEVO – 40km away from Sofia. Our Ranch gives you opportunity to relax and to enjoy simple farm life. Here you can do riding in nature, find quality individual training programs, can organize special events for your teams. For our guests we offer also a quality and different horseback riding holidays. You are welcome to explore our proposals and decide which would be most suitable and interesting for you… THE HORSEMAN RANCH TEAM


My name is Zarko. I love animals and deal with them since small boy. Now, as “bigger” boy I continue with same spirit. I am happy that I have created The Horseman Ranch, formed good team and complete my childhood dream. We did extremely interesting programs for riders.
For kids, together with my team, we created unique program tailored to Bulgarian tradition and culture, with elements borrowed from scouts USA programs. The Horseman Ranch is not only horse riding center, it is feeling of FREEDOM.




The idea of creating the Ranch came after one trip to USA in 2002. Together with Zarko we have completed State Choreographic School and out trip were related to participation in The International Folklore Festival. During our stay we have visited one ranch and then the idea about OUR RANCH, was born. Our children grew, and our idea was to maintain a healthy relationship between them and nature.
Today's "urban" children are less able to touch the work on a farm in the countryside and wildlife. Coming to us they receive wonderful emotions and memories that remain in them for life.


"A Polish woman in Makotsevo"
I deal with horses already many years. They constantly remind me how important is to be "here and now". Horses do not lie; they just react and show the truth about yourself....
The ranch is a place where life is amazingly straightforward arranged according to the truly important things, and people know the value of sunrise and sunset, as well as one time ...
As a part of the Ranch’s team I have the opportunity to meet and communicate with wonderful people of different age, status, nationality - but united in the human in them....
Having the opportunity to look at the world from horseback, ride to horizon together with wind and sky, to show people the magic of the world of horses - for me it is priceless and irreplaceable...